black forest with kids - top things to do

Black forest is very child friendly as the whole Germany. Your little ones will feel comfortable exploring the fairy-tale like forest.

In most of the restaurants and guesthouses you will find a high-chair, a bunch of toys or books and smiling personell who will always treat your child with a nice word or a smile.

For elderly kids you will find plenty of entertainment and activities - hiking paths, playgrounds, animals and swimming opportunities - Black Forest has it all.

We've been exploring Black Forest with our little one who is 1,5 by now and she seems to have enjoyed it. At least we stopped a lot to greet all the animals along the way.

Here are my top things to do while there. Some we did, for some we'll just have to come back - as you perfectly know yourself there isn't time for everything.

Stay on a farm. Black Forest offers plenty of opportunities to do so. Usually private farmers rent out rooms or apartments at their premises for very reasonable price. Just look for "Bauernhof" offers. In this case you will have the opportunity to live side by side with cows, sheep, bunnies and other animals. Your kids will have a chance to participate in the farm life. Kids love that! Fresh apples from a tree next to your house or fresh eggs for breakfast are usually a nice bonus. Needless to say, most of the farms are located in beautiful places. We have stayed at Schwenkenhof and it was just great (the cow photo is from there)! 


Cuckoo clock museum and cuckoo clock factories visit. For elder  kids this would be a fun experience to learn who is living in that little house, how did it get in there and where does the noise come from? Most of the cuckoo clock factories hold tours where they will lead you and your little ones through all the insides of the cuckoo clock industry and history. Just go to the city of Triberg which is THE cuckoo clocks nest. Schwarzwald Museum in Triberg is to be considered. In the next posts I will tell you about our cuckoo clock experience.


Hiking. Most of the routes in Black Forest are family friendly, but it's better to check in advance. For instance, Flößerpfad in Kinzigtal is good for a family hike.

For smaller kids be sure to bring a hiking carrier than you won't have any troubles moving around.


Hurricane Lothar trail (Lotharpfad). A 800 m walk will guide you through an area where the Lothar hurricane hit. It was a big thing for the Black Forest and for the whole Southern Germany, since a lot of harm has been done and a lot of forrest and it's inhabitants suffered from the heavy weather impact. To make visitors aware of the weather power a trail has been set.

The path is made so the kids will have their fun too - climbing, jumping and learning at the same time. We have walked it without our kid (she was still sleeping), but noticed all those little kids pleasures all the parents do notice.


Sommerrodelbahn Gutach. A fun way to spend an afternoon. Black forest is famous for this this "summer bobsleigh" activity. Narrow rails with tiny carts on them will bring joy to the whole family.


Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof. The best way to explore the history and traditions of the Black Forest is to visit this open-air museum. Something tells me your kid wouldn't want to leave this place. 


Wild-life sanctuaries and parks. Wild deer, wolfs and bears could be observed in their natural habitat. Well, as natural as it goes, since unfortunately Germany doesn't have any wild bears or wolfs living in the woods any more. Hopefully one day it will change, but for now you can observe them in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach.  Wildgehege Breitenbrunnen is a pleasant game reserve with wild boar and deer on the display.


Baumwipfelpfad. This wooden elevated hiking path with an observation tower on top will bring joy to the whole family. I'm sure about that. Fun to climb, fun to explore (and looks good on the photos).

As an alternative opportunity to walk above the forest take the Baumkronenweg tour in Waldkirch. Unfortunately we didn't make any of them due to the lack of time, but it's on top of the list for the next time.


I hope this list wil help you to spend great time with your kids in the Black Forest. Feel free to share it over your Social Media channels. Any feedback is always appreciated.