12 budget gifts for a traveller

It's this time of the year again with Christmas in the air when we all are looking for something special to gift to for loved ones. I'm no exception - last night I've been signing Christmas cards until my hand got numb. If you are the lucky one who plans a year in ahead what to gift, than simply ignore this post. But most of us start thinking "gift" as soon as we see chocolate Santas pushing away Easter bunnies from supermarket shelves and smell first speculoos cookies. And than a couple of weekd before Christmas Eve we start to act.

Something tells me that everyone of us has friends who love traveling (guess how I know?! =)).  Being a traveller myself let me share with you 12 things a fellow traveller might enjoy (ok. ok, sharing my wish list). 

Oh, and let's not forget gifts are not about money value, they are about joy of giving and being thought of, right?!

Rule number one when chosing a gift for a traveler - passionate travellers  keep their possessions to a minimum - fact. So let's stay minimal here.


Travel Guide 


If you already know where your friend is heading next, than a travel guide is always a good idea for a present. The only thing you need to check in advance is about which guidebook publisher your friend likes to read. I'm a huge Lonely Planet fan and already know how their books are structured. That's why I stick to them and don't switch for instance to Rough Guides - even though they are as good. As soon as you know that paper or online versions are widely available for purchase. Monocle Travel guides are also great.


All things Maps


Maps are always a good idea - whether a wall map or a note-book with map on it or a key-holder in a form of Globe. A good calender with maps or travel destination is also a great  gift. Have a look at this one by Riffle Paper Co

ZeroPerZero for instance has very stylish stationery on maps and globes theme - you can also findnice railway city maps and wall maps in the shop. You can also order ZeroPerZero products in Berlin based shop Santokki.

Etsy has a huge selection of antique and retro maps. 


Tickets to the next destination


I'm not talking expensive tickets. Airlines like Easyjet, Eurowings, Ryanair, Norwegian or Wizzair often have tickets for not more than 40 Euro (over even less). Just monitor their web pages until you find something suitable. 


Overnight stay


You don't have to pay for a monthly rent here, but you can always find great weekend deals on Booking or Airbnb and invite your friend to go with you. You can also offer to pay for their night stay or hand-draw a coupon saying that "the next night is on you". Travelers usually tend to save money (for traveling), so this is a gift which is always welcome.


Magazine Subscription


If your friend likes to be inspired by fellow travellers than a magazine subscription is a good choice. Online or paper - doesn't matter. Of course, if we are talking "nomad" here, than it is easier to order an on-line version (they are usually cheaper). You can also combine this gift with other friends, since some magazines are quite pricey.  Geo Saison or Lonely Planet Traveller for instance are a good value reads. The Fernweh Collective is alternative way for inspiration.


Travel diary


Most of us still take notes during travels. I'm no exception. I always carry a travel diary in my bag and a pen, so I could note any details or thoughts I wish even if the battery of my phone is down. Riffle Paper Co creates very pretty and unique travel diaries, so have a look for inspiration. Wanderlust Journal is the one I want for myself. This one from Gestalten is also great.


Global Sim Card


This is great if your friend wants to stay connected whenever on the road. Have a look at Lufthansa Sim Card or Worldsim. You can read about our experience with Travsim card overe here.


Travel Set


This one is quite useful to stay light on the road and beeing able to travel with hand luggage only. You can either get empty bottles so your friend could fill them with favorite shampoo/creme. For example, you can create your own travel set at Muji. Or purchase a ready made one from Korres or Aesop Jet Set Kit.


Portable power bank


Simple and easy way to keep batteries charged. There are solar ones too, in case your friend is going to a sunny destination. Have a look at these.


 Online course


If you think your friend is keen on enforcing skills on travel photography or on photo editing - an online courses will be a welcome gift. Check Skillshare for a start. They also offer free courses. 




Gestalten Shop has some interesting books and stationery on Travel theme.


Muji has great travel products - from suitcases to passport covers.


Travel managers by ZeroPerZero are my favorite - have tried quite some, but these do keep my travel documents in order.


Light beach towel or dry bag are very convinient during any trip. 


36 Hours books by Taschen is a great gift too - inspires and helps planing.


and as always any feedback is welcome