Guest Post: 7 places with the best views over Moscow

This place has been wowing visitors with its primely located waterfront terrace. This is your spot to grab lunch after a day of sightseeing or to dance the night away at one of the busy weekend events. Oh, and all-day breakfast is great too. Grandeur of the world’s tallest Orthodox church peering at you from over the river, great cocktails, top notch international menu and always nice crowd. Do you need more reasons to stop by? Please note, that while the bar is happy to welcome guests all year round, the terrace is only open during summer months.


The view: Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow river, Patriarshy bridge

Back in 2012 Forbes included this space in their World’s Best Bars With Views list. Not much changed since: still unbeatable panoramic views of Moscow historical centre and a tad bit overpriced sushi to wash down with Dom Perignon. My advice would be to skip the sushi if you are watching your budget, order one of the Moscow-inspired cocktails and make yourself comfortable on the outside terrace. Based on 12th floor of swanky Ritz Carlton hotel it offers unforgettable opportunity to get to know the city from atop.


The view: The Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Stalin’s Seven Sisters and other landmarks depending how far you can see into the distance.

Erwin.Reka is a younger brother for Erwin.Rekamoreokean, which is a seafood-centered project of Alexander Rappoport, awell-known in Moscow restaurateur. The idea is as follows: guests hop on board of a spacious crisp white river cruise yacht, sit back in marine-inspired interiors of the restaurant and admire the city sights through floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. All while tasting seafood delicacies sourced from different water areas of Russia: oysters, crab, caviar, shrimp, unique and regional get the idea. This Neptune’s kingdom makes at least two 2,5 hour trips a day no matter the weather and time of year. Beware that cruise ticket is not included with dinner price, get yours in advance via Radisson Cruise.              


The view: hotel Ukraina (one of the Stalin's seven sisters), The House of the Government of the Russian Federation, Novodevichy Convent, Moscow State University, Luzhniki stadium, Gorky park, Central House of Artists, Peter the Great Statue, House on the Embankment, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, The Moscow Kremlin, St Basil's Cathedral and more.

Some come dining to one of the highest-up restaurants in Europe just to take part in the following dramatic experience: sentimental music kicks in as a backdrop, upper windows are being opened, several minutes for a photo opportunity start. Be sure to be amongst first who hurry to make their way through decorative birch trees to capture the magic of the moment with their phones. Moscow that you see from 62 floors above ground is truly captivating. Highly recommended as an after dark activity in your itinerary. For eating options this space serves Italian and French dishes, which along with drinks won’t disappoint.


The view: higher-altitude panorama of the City district, Moscow city centre and beyond

First flagship bar of Campari brand in Moscow took over 12th and 13th floor of the hotel Pekin, former home to Time Out bar. Experience starts with taking an elevator upstairs which somewhat resembles a time capsule bringing you back to Soviet 50s. What awaits you on top in terms of the looks is tastefully decorated bar with loads of reddish orange, brand’s signature colour, generous 8-meter high columns and a hefty painting on the ceiling. Apart from assortment of drinks made by Campari group and cocktails based on them, a concise menu consists of italian-inspired dishes. I wouldn’t come here for food, neither would I recommend the venue for a boisterous night out, as it is been rather quiet after the grand opening earlier this year. Just grab one of the spot-on Aperol spritz cocktails and spend some time gazing at the busy streets of Moscow from atop.


The view: Brestskaya streets, Tchaikovsky concert hall, Moscow Academic Theatre of Satire.

In terms of cuisine, meat is the king here: 30 types of reasonably priced steaks to choose from, all cooked using the finest beef which is ecologically farmed in Voronezh region. The menu selection doesn’t stop there however, it includes plenty of non-meat based Russian classics as well as delicacies. All of the above is served under the roof of 18th century mansion, where each of the 4 floors is exquisitely decorated.

If the weather permits don’t take too much time scrutinising the interiors and decorated ceilings. Head straight to the rooftop and order your steaks there, as the views are just stunning.    


The view: Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Ostozhenka street


360 degrees panoramic views of Moscow city centre, Alice in Wonderland ambiance, sleek service, experimental Russian cuisine and an eye-watering bill. This should set your expectations just right before stepping into the icon of the city’s dining scene and a proud awardee of the World's 50 Best Restaurants. If you decided to go ahead and live it up, don’t be stingy and order a seasonal tasting set from the chef. Unlike many costly menus in town this one is actually well worth the splurge. Having your meal under a glass dome 16 overlooking city’s top sights  is more than just a little bit cool, too.


The view: Moscow Kremlin, the City district, Moscow river embankments

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Ekaterina is a creator of Moscow Mate Itineraries, a service for those who need help planning their visit to the capital of Russia. You can download her free sample itinerary to get some inspiration for dining and activities on your first day in Moscow.


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