amazing greece experience with tui germany

My first acquaintance with Greece wasn't very successful - a broken toe right before the flight to Kos in 2010 didn't lead to a lot of traveling and getting to learn the island, but to hotel rest next to the pool instead.

So when Tui Germany invited me to visit Greece and to explore it along other European bloggers without a second thought I said "yes". During our 4 day program we saw Rhodes, Athens and beautiful Peloponnese Mountain area.

The best was that we have been travelling during the off-season in October, which meant that the water and the air were still very warm, but there were no crowds at the beaches, no waiting lines and no reservations ahead at restaurants and cafes. The lack of tourists was also very desirable for those of us taking photos. Not to forget about the end-of-the-season sales! 



Rhodes welcomed us with gorgeous sea colors, views over Turkey and beautiful sunsets. Btw, be careful, mobile operators very often switch between Greece and Turkey mobile providers generating unnecessary costs (personal experience talking here=/). 

Rhodes old town is a must for everyone wishing to see narrow greek streets filled with history, coffee-shops, little shops selling everything from clothes to sponges and greek taverns and cats.

Cats are everywhere in Greece! 

Cruise to Symi island  - a little picturesque hill-top village was also of a great experience. Ships and yachts are leaving Rhodes harbor every morning and return after lunch. 

Symi is meant to be explored by foot - all the narrow streets and stone steps are leading to flowers filled squares, fountains and shops selling sponges. Be sure to plan enough time to have a lunch at one of the cute taverns which are plenty at the port area.



From Rhodes Aegean Airlines brought us to Athens, where one can spend ages exploring the amazing culture and food ambience of Greek capital. 

Most of the hotels offer roof-top terraces or bars with the view of Acropolis, which is incredible during dusk or dawn. We stayed in Electra Metropolis which was great.

Acropolis itself is best visited early in the morning right after opening or before closing in late afternoon - otherwise be prepared for thousands of people walking the same direction as you do. It is worth to plan extra time and take a 3d guide with explanations or a tour.

I would highly recommend to check the modern food and night scenes of the city.

Some of the best coffee you will find at Taf Coffee (Emmanouil Mpenaki 7)

Baba au Rum (Klitiou 6) serves some of the best cocktails - Cilantro Fresca was my favorite.

For great fish dishes head to the city port, where some of the best taverns are located.


Peloponnese Mountain area

A couple of hours ride from Athens and you will find yourself int he Peloponnese mountain area of Arcadia among traditional villages, rolling green hills and peace and tranquility which one may lack in the capital.

Worth visiting is a traditional village of Napflion and Lousios River which offers some great rafting.