best coffee in amsterdam - my 5 favorite spots

I don't have to tell you that Amsterdam belongs to one of those cosmopolitan cities where "off the beaten track" doesn't really work any longer. But even though Amsterdam is international and you hear more English than Dutch at every corner there is still a lot of local flair going on - you just need to know where to find it. 

First time visitors usually don't go further than Museumplein in the south of Amsterdam. Which is a gorgeous area to explore, so by all means don't miss on that. And while you are out there, walking  by canals and admiring the crooked beauty of the old city, be sure to have a coffee break - Amsterdam coffee scene is magnificent!

It's for the reason that the World Barista Championship 2018 took place in Amsterdam - with brilliant Agnieszka Rojewska from Poland winning the champion status.

Here are my 5 favorite coffee places which serve delicious coffee alongside with stylish interior and friendly atmosphere. 

ADDRESS: Kinkerstraat 112


This roastery has been on the market for quite a while and is very popular. It serves delicious coffee from their own roasters, holds workshops and provides many other cafes with their beans.

ADDRESS:  Binnen Dommersstraat 15


This place is my big love. Everything on the menu is delicious. Simple design and Japanese influence - if I lived in Amsterdam I'd be a frequent customer here.

ADDRESS: Kerkstraat 96HS


This is a roastery, a school and a cafe with great coffee. The web page says that they have over 15 years experience in all terms "coffee" and I tend to believe it - coffee is delicious here. It also has more space than the other cafes.

ADDRESS: Sarphatipark 34


Great coffee and tasty food (good for breakfast). Be sure to come early to grab a seat - the shop is filling up very fast, especially on weekends.


ADDRESS: Overtoom 141


I'm not really sure that I got the name correct, but if you follow this address you will be at a right place. This cute store is a mixture of everything - a coffeeshop, a hairdresser, massage and tatoo studio with fitness area at the back. There is just one table and they serve coffee from Lot Sixty One and the atmosphere is just on the spot.

ADDRESS: Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 63H


I actually haven't been to this place, but I already know that it serves delicious coffee, because I know the owner who from head to toe is passionate about this black drink. So I will leave it here for you and update this post as soon as I go check it out myself.