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Cyprus with Kids – 5 Best Beaches of Famagusta Region

Are you traveling to Cyprus and planning to stay in Famagusta Region at the Northern Part of the island? Read our post with the 5 best beaches in Famagusta Region on Cyprus to help you plan your trip.

About the Beaches in Famagusta Region on Cyprus

Itโ€™s not an easy task to find a secluded beach these days. Especially on Cyprus, as it being a popular vacation destination for British and Russian tourists.

We wouldn’t say that this mission equals to impossible, but it could get busy during the high season.

Don’t get discouraged though, there are still lovely and less crowded beaches which will keep one happy. 

We have been staying close to Protaras town in Famagusta district during our 10 days stay. So we tried to explore as many beaches in the neighbourhood as possible. If you need an itinerary for Cyprus, this post has a great one for 3 days.

Therefore we had discovered some of the best patches of sand with rock formations in Famagusta region which to our taste we less packed.

In this post we would like to share with you our findings in Cyprus – 5 Best beaches in Famagusta Region.

Please keep in mind that we didn’t visit any beaches on the  Northern part of the island thus no recommendations here.

Are the Beaches in Famagusta Region Children Friendly?

All the beaches we are talking about in this post are kids friendly. 

From what we have experienced, most of the beached on Cyprus in general and in Famagusta region in particular, are well equipped.

With changing amenities and lavatories. Most of the beaches have an area where you can rent your beach utensils (umbrella, chairs etc), but there is always a free space for the ones who prefer towels on the sand.

The beaches have wheelchair and stroller access as further in as possible.

Beach bars and shacks are a common thing too.

Konnos Beach

Konnos beach is beautiful. It offers a wide stripe of sand in a gorgeously framed lagoon with rock formation around it.

It also has a lovely beach bar set a top a hill with great views. Right next door to the Cape Greco National park it’s a great place to spend a day. It also serves as a starting point to those who are eager to explore Cape Greco by foot. The only thing ruining the perfection is an ugly hotel building perched right above the beach. Just ignore it and you are fine. 

It also has water activity opportunities. We haven’t tried any though.

Malama Beach in Famagusta Region

Malama beach is a lovely lagoon in Famagusta region with shallow water and pretty cliffs.  

Also with a nice beach bar Malama beach on Cyprus is popular among tourists and locals. It gets very busy in the morning – a hotel located right next to the lagoon provides for the crowds. Come in the evening when Russian grandmas and kids are having dinner and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Kapparis Beach

Kapparis beach was our favorite beach in Famagusta region on Cyprus.

It has a nice beach bar with wide choice of drinks and food, a lovely tiny blue lagoon and it is not too packed.

Right next door to Kapparis beach just 3 minutes walk along the shore towards Protaras there is a lovely wild beach with beautiful rock formations. Wild beach doesn’t have beach chairs or umbrellas for rent and is not optimised for wheelchair access.

Have a look at your post about the best kids-friendly beaches on Crete.

Sirena Bay

Sirena Bay is not an obvious beauty, but is very nice and is surprisingly empty compared to the other beaches. It lacks showers, but has a nice beach bar under green trees.

There is a cute beach church right on the Kalamies beach next door to Sirena Bay, about 7 minutes walk away. But the Kalamies beach itself is very crowded and touristy, so we wouldn’t recommend it.

Nissi Beach

We know, we promised you the less crowded beaches of the Famagusta region in this post.

But we had to add Nissi Beach to the gang. Simply because it is a very beautiful beach. It has even been included in top 10 of the most beautiful ones in Eurpope.  It is, if you take away crowds, hotels and loud music. But seriously, it’s waters are Carribic blue and the sand is white.

W wouldn’t recommend coming here if you are in search for solitude and serenity. It is great for people watching though – mostly young ones in their 20’s, enjoying life and showing off their bodies. 

From the beach perspective it is great for children – warm and shallow waters protected from the waves provide for great playing opportunities. Just try to secure a spot away somewhere on the side.

Or you can also cross over to a small island where there are less people and the waters get deeper. 

Anyhow, visiting Cyprus and Famagusta region you will hear a lot of this ‘best beach’ ever! So go check it out for yourself to have the full impression whether you like it or not. 

We hope that you found this post about the best beaches in Famagusta region helpful. We wish you great holidays on Cyprus!

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