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Bremen – one of the top Holiday Destinations

24 hours in Bremen – tips for a one day visit

Are you traveling to Bremen and know nothing about the city, except for the Town Musicians of Bremen? In this post we are sharing our tips for a one day in Bremen – how to make the best of your trip.

Being a huge fan of Brothers Grimm fairytales at the age of 12, I could have never imagined that 20 years later I will actually be in a city which gave the name to my favourite stories – Bremen

The trip was short, but I still got to pet the bronze donkey which stood patiently under the weight of its partners in crime and with its shiny nose as a result of tourist rubbing affection.

We had only 24 hours to discover Bremen which is regarded as one of the best places to visit in Germany. 24 hours is not a lot of time, but it is enough to get an impression.

So let me share with you what I stumbled upon these 24 hours in case you find yourself in Bremen, which to our opinion is one of the best places to go on holiday and experience less travelled Germany.

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What makes Bremen one of the best places to visit on a day trip?

Bremen is such a wonderful city to visit. Irrespective of how long you spend there, the city is crammed with events, meals, and places all designed to provide you with an awesome experience. Below are few reasons why I see Bremen as one of the best places to visit.

Eat and Drink in Bremen

Finding great food in Bremen is not so difficult – the city has quite some traditional and modern cafes and restaurants. If you are staying in Bremen longer than one day, you need to visit the traditional Becks brewery for the beer tasting. This world known beer brand comes from Bremen.

Yellow Bird Coffee

Yellow Bird Coffee is a lovely coffeeshop which serves coffee and snacks in a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Harbour Coffee

In case you like us love a good cup of coffee be sure to check out the Harbour Coffee. It is a lovely tiny hip cafe with delicious coffee on offer.


Cafe Piano has very simple interior, however don’t get discouraged by the looks. That is to say, cafe Piano in Bremen gets very busy during breakfast and dinner times and for a reason! Good selection of breakfasts and baguettes at a very reasonable price.


Ratskeller is located underneath the city hall. Just to clarify, that is exactly what the translation of the word ‘Ratskeller’ means. This traditional cellar is where the city locals come for a beer or for a family gathering and tourists come for traditional food.

Our tip: if you only on a one day trip in Bremen – this is the place where you should head to.

Traditional Bremen style โ€œSeemannslabskausโ€ made of corned beef and mashed potatoes with pickled herring, two fried eggs, beetroot and strips from gherkin is a good way to start your acquaintance with northern German food.

Ratskeller is a bit pricey, but the food selection is great. If you want to spend less – go for a daily menu.

Markthalle 8

If Ratskeller is too snobby for you, then you could check out the food stalls in Markthalle 8.

It is similar to Markthalle 9 in Berlin, where small vendors sell food and products inside a covered market.

The selection of products and the atmosphere are great, therefore making it one of the best places to go in Bremen.

Sightseeing in Bremen

Schnoor Viertel

Schnoor Viertel (‘Viertel’ means quarter) is the oldest city area of Bremen. It is a small neighbourhood full of cute shops, cafes and restaurants in preserved medieval character.  

Our tip: if you only on a one day trip in Bremen – you shouldn’t miss on visiting the Schnoor Viertel.

Bremen Marktplatz

Market Square or main square is touristy and busy, but beautiful all the same. It is lined with historical buildings made mainly out of sandstone and bricks. Some say that this is the most beautiful square in Germany.

The main highlight of Bremen – the bronze statue of The”Town Musicians of Bremen” – is also located next door to the market square, next to the city hall.

As the name promised, the market square hosts farmers and Christmas markets. The part of the square with the Rathaus (City Hall) belongs to the UNESCO Heritage site since 2004.

das Viertel

Das Viertel literally means ‘are’ in German. This are in Bremen is full of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s great for spotting local vibrant life and for having breakfast/dinner/drinks.

Zur Boettcherstrasse

Zur BรถttcherstraรŸe is a narrow red brick street right behind the main square. It hosts small shops, ateliers, a museum and Glockenspiel (ringing bells).

It is worth a stroll and is great for those on the hunt for unique souvenirs.

Kunsthalle Bremen

Kunsthalle Bremen is a lovely and compact art museum perfect for a one day trip.

The art museum belongs to the most powerful ones in Germany. In short, Kunsthalle Bremen has a great permanent collection and also hosts interesting exhibitions.

Shopping in Bremen

One of the most common gifts to get in Bremen are the “Town Musicians of Bremen” in all possible colours and forms – as a towel, small figure, on a t-shirt or on a coin. You will find them in every shop that sells souvenirs.

Our tip: Ostheimer craft very cute and sustainable wooden figurines, which come pricey, but are worth the investment.

Have a look at our Instagram Stories, where you will spot the Ostheimer toys in our apartment.


Sieben Faulen Laden is located at the BรถttcherstraรŸe and has a wonderful choice of all things about the “Town Musicians of Bremen”. A great selection of books, postcards and toys.

Holtorfs Heimathaven

Holtorfs Heimathaven is a cafe and a shop where tradition meets modern. IT is great for those in search for unique gifts and products.

Boettcher 8

Boettcher 8 is a lovely shop with a beautiful choice of household items and soap. They also sell cool towels with the “Town Musicians of Bremen” figures.

Other useful tips for a visit to Bremen on a one day trip

  • Even though the North Sea is far away, its cold wind still reaches Bremen and it’s not to joke with. Pack yourself warm!
  • For best photos get up early – the Schoor quarter gets very busy during the day, so be sure to be there before crowds arrive to have it all for yourself

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