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Santa Eulalia des Riu on a Day Trip With Kids – 18 Things to See and Do

Santa Eulalia des Riu on a Day Trip - Tips for Your Ibiza Family Holidays

Are you having family holidays on Ibiza and looking for day trip ideas? Read our post where we share tips and information on the town of Santa Eulalia des Riu – a great family friendly destination.


Santa Eulalia des Riu is the capital of the Santa Eulalia municipality on Ibiza – the second largest municipality of Ibiza.

The coastal town is located just 15 km away from the Ibiza City and 18 km away from the airport.

With over 36.000 inhabitants the town spreads relaxed and happy vibes and is a great destination to see the healthy mixture of tourists and locals on Ibiza.

When we have visited Santa Eulalia Des Riu during our family vacation on Ibiza in September 2019 we have found the city as a friendly family destination well suited for a day trip as well as for staycation.

Our trip was initiated upon the kind invitation of Santa Eulalia Tourism Board

Just to give you a scale on the activities we are going to talk about in this post:

At the time of our visit Olivia was 3,5 years old and Maxi just turned 1.

All the activities, spots and places we are mentioning in this post we have explored as a family, without any major complaints from the kids side.

Santa Eulalia des Riu on a Day Trip - Tips for Your Ibiza Family Holidays


Santa Eulalia des Riu is a compact town which is best explored on foot. That said, park your car for the entire day trip – you won’t need it when exploring the town.

Check this link for parking opportunities and prices.

Have a drink infront of the Town Council

We started our Santa Eualila day trip by having a coffee and a glass of orange juice in front of the Town Council. There are several cafes with outside seating areas which offer great views over the Town Council.

Meke Cafe is Ibizaยดs first and only specialty coffee roasters, serving delicious third wave coffee and baked goods.

Visit Santa Eulalia Town Council

Town Council of Santa Eulalia is a beautiful building dating back to the 19th century. It showcases the traditional architectural style from back than. Today the Town Council is a charming carefully preserved building, hosting the

You can go inside – there is little space, but you will get to see the wooden stairs and the reception area.

Santa Eulalia des Riu on a Day Trip With Kids - visit Santa Eulalia Town Council

Pay Tribute to the Air-Raid Shelter

The Spanish Civil War didn’t spare Ibiza. Therefore here and there you will see the remnants of those cruel times.

Just underneath the Town Council square, at the crossing of the Carrer Sa Bastida and Carrer de Sant Jaume streets, there is a air-raid shelter which was built in 1937 and is open for visitors (free of charge).

There is an interesting burial inside the shelter telling the history of the region.

Spot Bronze Elfs around the town

Elfs, or fameliars, are a symbol of Santa Eulalia. Little bronze creatures sit all over the town – bathe in fountains, hide behind the corners or simply relax on benches.

Want to know the whole story behind these little creatures? Read it under this link.

You could turn elf spotting into a fun game. To give you the start – one elf is enjoying the cool waters of a fountain just at the exit from the air-raid shelter.

Curious to see more? We have saved our Stories from Santa Eulalia in our Instagram Highlights. Just click here.

Santa Eulalia des Riu on a Day Trip With Kids - spot blonde elf around the town

Walk the Santa Eulalia River Route

Santa Eulalia de Riu River Route is the best way to get to know Santa Eulalia on a day trip.

The route is about 3km long and it will take you about 1 hour 30 minutes to accomplish it.

Maps with the River Route are located throughout the town. They showcase the route and the point with your position on it.

It is a circle route, so you don’t walk the same route twice.

It took us about 2 hours, because we were taking photos and Olivia was walking all the way.

The route is an easy one – almost 80% of it goes flat, except for the last part, where some easy hill climbing is involved.

If you are traveling with a stroller, the last part of the route (climbing up the hill) is not easy to navigate – there are stairs and cobble stones involved.

We recommend you either use a baby carrier or just adjust the walking route accordingly.

Other than that, the 80% of the River Route is absolutely stroller friendly.

Pass by Sala Barrau – a home of a well-known artist

Laurea Barrau I Bunol – a famous Spanish Impressionist who moved with his family to Sant Eulalia when he was 47 years old.

He settled down at Passeig de s’Alamera, 4 and until his last days he was depicting in his works the local life, light and his affection for Santa Eulalia.

Santa Eulalia des Riu on a Day Trip With Kids - pass by Sala barrau

Enjoy the smoke free beach – the first one on the Balearic Islands

Santa Eulalia is working hard on the supporting the environmental legacy. No wonder, that the first smoke-free beach on the Balearic Islands is located in the town premises of the Santa Eulalia des Riu.

Read this post of ours to learn about the best beaches in Santa Eulalia region for your Ibiza family holidays.

Learn about Posidonia Oceanica – Posidonia Oceanica plant โ€“ the unique sea plant

Posidonia Oceanica – is the name of the unique and special sea plant that lives in the Mediterranean.

In the Balearic Islands and especially on Ibiza it a UNESCO protected heritage, treated with care!

Posidonia Oceanica is not a seaweed, but rather a plant, which due to its structure and the way of growing provides great environmental advantage inside and outside the sea.

The plant can only survive in the clean well-oxygenised waters. That is to say, if you find it in the area, you might be sure that the beach and the water there is clean.

The meadows of Posidonia inside the sea provide great environment for fish and diminish the erosive waves effect thus reducing the loss of sand.

When washed out on the shore, the plant is used for agricultural purposes.

You can get to know Posidonia Oceanica better on the Smoke free beach during your day trip to Santa Eulalia.

Walk along the Riu de Santa Eulalia

The walk along the shore of the Riu de Santa Eulalia is a pleasant one, especially on a hot day.

Moreover, the road is well to navigate with a stroller and it has enough shade from gum trees and cane growing alongside the road.

On your way you will pass by a stream – Torrent des lerns – which serves as a main source of water for the Santa Eulalia river.

Stop by the Old Bridge – Pont Vell i Font d’en Lluna

The old bridge is dating back to the 18th century and looks like a Roman aqueduct.

The water you see streaming through the bridge is actually a pump, moving the water back and forth. Unfortunately, the Riu de Santa Eulalia is not that powerful on water.

Try to spot a Kingfisher bird

If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the blue shimmery bird, catching fish just above the water surface.

The kingfisher bird is special – it can hunt with its eyes closed.

Enjoy the walk through the countryside

Santa Eulalia is a great location for a day trip – in one day you will get to see the town, the seaside and the countryside. How cool is this?!

The backstage changes continuously, leaving your little ones no reason for complaints.

The farmland and orchards start right after you pass the Old Bridge.

Continue walking the direction of the Upper Mill and you will pass through an old Moorish irrigation Chanel from the 10th century.

Walking in the area you will seen for yourself that the struggle for getting water and life to the farmland was not an easy one – mills, irrigation channels and other methods have been widely used.

The walk through the farmlands took us the longest, because Olivia had to say ‘hello’ to all the goats we have passed along the way.

Santa Eulalia des Riu on a Day Trip With Kids - enjoy the walk through the countryside

Visit the Upper Mill – a traditional farmhouse and a watermill

The Upper Mill is now a River Interpretation Center, which you can visit and learn about the history of the irrigation system of the Santa Eulalia.

We were not lucky with the opening times, so it’s better to check them in advance.

The building itself is built in the traditional Ibiza architecture. It consists of cubes, which could be added if required.

Walk up the Puig de Missa hill and enjoy the views of Santa Eulalia des Riu

Up here starts the stroller unfriendly part, but it is actually not that bad.

The climb up the Puig de Miss (Puig means ‘hill’ in Catalan) is a nice one – you will get to see traditional houses and the higher you get the better the views are.

Visit the church at Puig de Missa

The church you see today is not the original church which stood here centuries ago. In any case, it is an old one.

Re-built in the 16th century it served as a strategic location – for security purposes as well as for communication. Church events have gathered the whole community together.

The church used to be the place for information exchange, for marriage matches and for all the possible gossips.

The white walls of the church and of surrounding traditional white houses of Ibiza are a photo location.

Visit the Ethnography Museum ob Ibiza

If you have some energy left, the Ehtnography Museum of Ibiza is a nice place to add to your day trip through Santa Eulalia des Riu.

Inside are the objects typical for Ibiza and the region – clothes, weapons, farm tools etc.)

The museum itself is another great representative of the traditional Ibiza architecture style.

Visit this page for more information and the opening hours.

Stop by the Santa Eulalia Vertical Garden

Santa Eulalia has it’s own vertical garden, located at the address Calle de Sol, 6A.

Don’t expect a large scale of it, but anyhow it is a nice wall filled with greens.

Enjoy your food at Celler Can Pere Restaurant

We ended our day trip through Santa Eulalia des Riu with the delicious traditional Ibicenco food experience at Celler Can Pere restaurant.

The restaurant itself is been a family business since a couple of generation. It consists of two parts: a more fancy restaurant and a tapas bar. Both are great and serve delicious food.

If you are interested trying the regional food – we recommend you to try local fish – the Angler fish.

We hope that you found this information useful. Follow us on Instagram for more photography and stories from our travels.

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