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Gran Canaria – Almond Blossom Festival

gran canaria village tejeda - view of roque nublo

Have you ever seen almond trees blossom? Gran Canaria holds an annual festival dedicated to the almond trees blossom. Read more in our post.

When we heard that Gran Canaria holds an almond tree blossom festival we were all eyes and ears and ready to go.

Have you ever seen almond trees in blossom? For the very first time I got to see almond trees was in Guadix – a little Andalusian town in the mainland Spain. 

We were there for work from March to May and stayed in an apartment overlooking some orchards. Back than I had no clue that the plain looking trees were actually almond trees. Until one sunny day in March the boring looking trees transformed into magnificent soft pink and white clouds. 

Since than we have witnessed almond trees in bloom in Provence in the end of February which was breathtaking.

Gran Canaria Almond Blossom Festival When and Where?

The “Fiesta Almendro en Flor” which is literally translated from Spanis as ‘The almond blossom festival’ takes place annually in a small mountain village of Tejeda in the middle of the Gran Canaria island during the first weekend of February.  It’s is always better to check for the exact dates.

Trip to the area is worth the drive even without the almond tree blossom festival. The village of Tejeda is a beauty – high in the mountains it framed by picturesque landscape with some of the iconic views of Gran Canaria. 

Tejeda got a title of being among the most beautiful villages of Spain. Oh, and  did you know that there is actually an association for selecting the most beautiful villages?! Check  out this link for all the details.

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One of the most important things you have to keep in mind when visiting the festival is to dress up properly – and we don’t mean you have to wear costumes. No.This said, be sure to dress up for cold and wind. Since the village is in the mountains the weather changes fast.

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