24 hours in bremen - tips for a one day visit

Being a huge fan of Brothers Grimm fairytales at the age of 12, I could have never imagined that 20 years later I will actually be in a city which gave the name to my favorite stories - Bremen.


The trip was short, but I still got to pet the bronze donkey which stood patiently under the weight of it's partners in crime and with it's shiny nose as a result of tourist rubbing affection.


We had only 24 hours to discover Bremen - is not a lot of time, but it is enough to have an impression. 


So let me share with you what I stumbled upon these 24 hours in case you find yourself in Bremen.

food / coffee / drinks


Yellow Bird Coffee (Pappelstraße 79) - coffee and snacks in a nice atmosphere.


Harbour Coffee (Auf den Häfen 4) - a lovely tiny hip cafe with good coffee.


Piano (Fehrfeld 64) - very simple interior, but this place gets very busy during breakfast and dinner times. Good selection of breakfasts and baguettes.


Ratskeller - located underneath the city hall this traditional cellar is where the city locals come for a beer or for a family gathering and tourists come for traditional food. A bit pricey, but the selection is great (go for weekly menu). 


Markthalle 8 - if Ratskeller is too snobby for you, check out the food stalls in Markthalle 8. Similar to Markthalle 9 in Berlin the selection of products and the atmosphere are great. 




Schnoor Viertel - the oldest city area is a small neighbourhood full of cute shops, cafes and restaurants in preserved medieval character.  


Marktplatz (Market Square or main square) - touristy, but beautiful all the same. The "Town Musicians of Bremen" sculpture is located next door to the market square next to the city hall. 


das Viertel - an area in Bremen full of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. It's great for local life and for having breakfast/dinner/drinks. 


Böttcherstraße - narrow red brick street right behind the main square which hosts small shops, atelies, a museum and Glockenspiel (ringing bells). It is worth a stroll - also good for those on the hunt for unique souveniers.


Kunsthalle Bremen (Am Wall 207) - a lovely and compact art museum with great permanent collection and interesting exhibitions.




One of the most common gifts to get in Bremen are the "Town Musicians of Bremen" in all possible colors and forms - as a towel, small figures, on a t-shirt or on a coin. You will find them in every shop which sells souveniers. 


Sieben-Faulen-Laden (Böttcherstraße 9) - a wonderful choice of all things about the "Town Musicians of Bremen". A great selection of books, postcards and toys.


Holtorfs Heimathaven (Ostertorsteinweg 6) - cafe and shop where tradition meets modern. Great for those in search for unique gifts and products.


Böttcher 8 (Böttcherstraße 8) - a lovely shop with a beautiful choise of household items and soap. They also sell cool towels with the "Town Musicians of Bremen" figures.


useful tips

  • Even though the North Sea is far away, it's cold wind still reaches Bremen and it's not to joke with. Pack yourself warm!
  • For best photos get up early - Schoor quarter gets very busy during the day, so be sure to be there before crowds arrive to have it all for yourself

Oh, and don't forget to have a glas of Becks- the World famous beer is originally brewed in Bremen.